The Secret is Out: My Lovely Prop Vendors

Every once in awhile, not often, but every now and then, clients ask me if I make the props I display and use in session. I always, incredulously, answer, that I most definitely do not. They are purchased from a very special group of vendors. What my clients don't know is the lengths I've gone through to secure some of the props I have in the studio.

I have done the following including but not limited to:

  • setting multiple alarms on my phone for shop updates
  • googling the timezone that a particular vendor is located in and schedule my whole day so that I'm plopped by the computer when the shop "opens" virtually
  • begged and negotiated with vendors to make me items that were OOAK (one of a kind) and sold to another photographer. 
  • placed a single order with a vendor totaling over $500. I really hope Mike doesn't read this...
  • set up actual phone calls to talk about specifics of custom ordered loveys and bonnets to make sure that my crazy idea translates to an item that will actually look good and is feasible to make with vendors
  • raced down the 10 freeway to get to my computer on time for a shop opening (for which an alarm was set but sometimes your errands run long and then you run some red lights, no biggie)
  • other stuff I'm too embarrassed to share online but I think the above 6 items give you a good idea of how I've come to procure the props and accessories that I provide in my studio for your newborn shoot

I've listed some of my favorite vendors below who deserve my gratitude on behalf of my clients. I wish I could tell each of you the countless times someone's commented on your craftsmanship, attention to detail, talents, materials, and creative design. I'm always so proud, even though I didn't make it. I'm proud because of the lengths I've gone through to acquire them and how I've supported businesses which are so very excellent. 

I'm nothing without you. Your work totally makes every photo here at Lucy Liora Photography. Thank you!

1.    The Wooly Possum
2.    Riley’s Mom Makes Hats
3.    Prop Me Up Propshop
4.    The Felted Attic Prop-Shop
5.    Lelas Propshop

Happy shopping!!