Who am I?

Why, hellooooo there! And the biggest, warmest, most enthused congratulations on your growing family!!! I can't wait to connect and hopefully document this tremendous milestone for you and yours.

I'm Lucy, wife to a wonderfully big hearted, patient, generous, and hilarious electrical engineer, expectant doggy-mommy to our first baby, a Cavalier King Charles, an East-Coast transplant and New Yorker at heart, self-proclaimed iron chef, SYSK binge-listener, and crazy plant lady. You will most likely find me in the kitchen cooking for those I love. Otherwise, I might be tending to our indoor jungle, researching dog-training videos on Youtube, browsing the aisles at Trader Joe's, or entertaining on my living room couch. I think the best way to get to know someone is at the dinner table, over a home-cooked meal or takeout, with glasses of red wine or a chilled bottle of sake - makes no difference!


The House of Wang began as a cubicle-confined dream back in 2014. Leaving a Big Four Accounting firm was one of the scariest and most difficult decisions I made in my adult years and certainly one made with a most comprehensive analysis. It has become a most rewarding decision and one that has brought me joyful challenges and endless delight. Never have I been made to acknowledge how abundantly and fully God blesses. I've been made to see how God's goodness rings true in every setback and every accomplishment. I've been made to see my husband's endless faithfulness, support, and grace. He is my biggest cheerleader and it motivates me beyond what my own determination can muster. Most of all, I'm thankful for my clients. You have been wonderful to me. For this simple fact alone, that you've handed me your newborn, days old, to soothe, pose, cradle, photograph, and make art, I thank you. For all the clients I've yet to meet, I'm beyond excited and can't wait to connect! My heart is to help you tell a story of, one celebrating life and family and love.