When is the best time to book my session?

The best time to book your session is in your 2nd trimester. To ensure I give every mama 100% of my attention and time to create the most curated photoshoot experience, I only commit to 7 newborn shoots each month. Booking in your 2nd trimester would guarantee your spot with me.

How many days after birth does the session take place?

I’ve found the magical window for newborn shoots to be between 7-17 days to ensure that your little is having the deepest sleep during the shoot. This helps me create dreamy curly poses that you will treasure long after those first few days.

Where does the session take place?

At my home studio in San Gabriel Valley!

Can I bring a family pet to be included in the session?

Unfortunately, due to concerns with allergies and sanitary reasons, I do not offer pet participation in the studio at this time.

Do I need to bring props?

Only if you have an heirloom that you want photographed with your little. I provide all props for your shoot. Each shoot is styled to reflect your style and aesthetics.

I’m expecting twins (multiples), does it cost more?

Not at all, I have twins siblings myself, they are my whole heart!

Does it cost more to have siblings and parents as part of the session?

Not at all, family portraits are included in the session fee. Family is my whole heart too!

We are expecting a boy and are planning to circumcise, how does this affect the session?

If possible, schedule your circumcision after the shoot, otherwise please allow 5-7 days for healing.

Can I request poses I’ve seen on Pinterest?

Every baby is different in what poses they will comfortably tolerate. The poses we achieve with your newborn entirely depends on the safety and comfort of your little! Every past client can attest to the fact that I’m a safety fiend and will not be able to promise that a certain pose is safe or comfortable for your baby.

Can I request to use props I’ve seen used on your social media platforms?


Booking Process

My baby is already here, can you fit us in?

Please click here to get in touch today! Should my calendar not be able to accommodate, I can certainly make referrals to other local photographers whom I love!

Timing/Turn Around/In Person Ordering Consultation

How long after the session can we expect images?

We will schedule our viewing session within 7 days of the shoot. At this time, you will be able to view all images from the shoot and make purchases accordingly. Most clients invest on average $800 plus/session on prints and products.

We live pretty far away and I’m not sure we can make it back in 7 days for our ordering session!

No problem at all! Should you have a distance or time conflict within 7 days of the session, we can schedule to meet at a coffee shop in between our two locations to conduct the in person sales consultation.

Session Prep

What do I need to bring to the session?

Here are the most important items:

  1. paci if your baby takes one
  2. diaper bag
  3. food aka you or bottles
  4. change/s of clothing for everyone who will be photographed (babies go…. especially so when dad is holding baby during photos)

A detailed list of what to bring will be sent in our prep guide upon booking

How does parking work?

Right in front of the studio! More details in the prep guide upon booking

Do I (the mother) need to be present for the shoot?

Nope, dad/legal guardian will do just fine

All things $$$

Do you offer any discounts for booking multiple sessions?

Certainly! The investment page explains this in more detail, should you have further questions, holla at your girl

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, cash, check (there is a $50 fee for bounced checks.)

Do you offer a payment plan?

Certainly, email me to discuss in detail.

Other Services

What is the Fresh48 session?

In short, a Fresh48 session is a lifestyle session that takes place before you leave the hospital, to capture the first “48” hours of your little’s life. Here's one of my blog posts about the Fresh48 session and here are some Fresh48 galleries!

What is a bellycast add-on?

This is an add-on service where I come to your home to cast your belly! You can keep the cast as a souvenir but more importantly, I will incorporate it into your newborn session and milestone sessions going forward

I can’t travel to your studio, can you shoot at my home?

This is a toughie… and is determined on a case by case circumstance as I’d need ample light and space to safely photograph your little during an in-home newborn session.
I will most certainly travel to your home for lifestyle newborn sessions.  Please contact me for more information regarding any type of travel situation.

Catch All

Can I gift a session (baby shower/friends/family)?

Oh yes! Please e-mail me to purchase your gift card.

I don’t want my photos used anywhere online, is that okay?

Certainly, be sure to let me know before our shoot and opt out of the model release when signing the contract. 

I’m concerned about my pregnant/post-partum body and how it’ll appear in photos, what can I do?

Trust me! All final images are retouched and I will take care of any minor problem-areas. Know that you are beautiful and perfect in all your pregnant glory but I take care of my clients, ya-know-what-I-mean?

Do you have a question not answered above? Shoot me a message, can't wait to chat.