When I was born, the NICU nurses collectively nicknamed me "the little chili pepper", a name with which my husband wholeheartedly agrees. It's true we grow into the person we are, but it's also true that from our first and earliest moments on earth, we are marked by very early inklings of who we might be. Those first few days are a crazy, wonderful blur. Your newborn baby is changing so quickly and so much. By the time moms get their full galleries back, their little already looks so different. Capture those first moments (let me), it's here today and gone tomorrow. 

My goal as a newborn photographer isn't simply to take a picture of your brand new baby. My goal is to document a milestone and create a fully curated family heirloom. In today's digital era, more moments are photographed and shared than ever before. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are inundated with shared photographs. But they are buried! They get "lost" and collect dust at the bottom of online albums and timelines. Among all the status updates, your precious memories get buried.

I never had newborn photos taken. Born in the late 80's in China, only the very wealthy owned cameras. To hire a professional photographer for any occasion, let alone the birth of a child, is utterly unheard of. I will never know what I looked like when I was little, I will never be able to share those memories with those I meet later in life and come to love so deeply. Allow me to curate an experience that you will treasure forever. When your little is grown, those captured memories will get passed down to them and their family and all who become a part of their lives. 

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" -Dr. Seuss

Core Values

In short, here at the House of Wang, we operate, reflect, make decisions, and interact based on the following core beliefs.

They govern every aspect of my business decision making process, yet they are so much more than a professional code of conduct. These little words govern my life. They reach deep down into who I am as a person with whom you entrust your newborn, as a wife, and as a citizen of the world. They inspire me, give me peace, and fill my heart with endless joy and purpose:

  • trust God
  • communicate with honesty
  • express gratitude and thankfulness in excessive quantities
  • curate experiences that are genuine, deep, personal, and stress-free
  • infect with laughter, lightheartedness, and silliness
  • deliver exceptional client service
  • create one of a kind, archivable, heirloom products
  • infect with laughter again, just because.