Lucy Liora Photography has one MAJOR announcement

Friends near and far, clients and those I've yet to meet,

Lucy Liora Photography has one major announcement: we are completely revamping the business! Why change a good thing you may ask? Why, because the best is yet to come. (a phrase I'm repeating to my husband as we go through a major declutter at the house and it's the only way to get him to throw out all. the. junk.)

This is also a time of reflection for me. The revamp means changes here at the studio, personally and professionally. I've been feeling restless and off, bothered by intangible things that I couldn't quite put my finger on. And then it all kind of crystalized, for no apparent reason at all. 

I needed to structure my business to personify every detail of my mission and core values. Every aspect of the business needed a little sprucing up. From the first touch point to the final delivery, my entire business needed a make-over so I made a giant list and diligently went down each one to make sure that it, in fact, exemplified what I've proclaimed to be as a business woman and a newborn photographer. In short, my business needed to become an intimate, involved, curated, and fully custom-tailored experience. So from head to toe, we are getting a make-over. It's going to be good. 

You see, I don't just want to take a pretty or cute picture, although that's certainly always the final product I deliver to my clients. I want more than that and starting in 2017, I'm asking for what I want. Because deep in my heart, I know, without a shadow of doubt, that it's what you, my client, truly wants too. My heart is to not just a take a pretty picture, send you the digital negatives and never connect again. My heart is to tell your story of this new small but life changing addition. I want to tell your family's story at whatever stage we we meet. I hope you will humor me, and allow me to show you that this is how I can serve you best. Allow me to share with you how I imagine that you would enjoy your photos, having these tangible memories of this time in your life. This is my new mission. If you choose me, I'd be honored and certainly involved. This is my invitation to you, to think critically, and if you're sleep deprived, I'll think with you! Take this chance to think about what will make this experience meaningful and last a lifetime. 

I hope I've peaked your interest in one way or another, whether we have worked together before or not. For my current clients, please be patient with me during this change. I've been a grateful recipient of your grace and flexibility and hope that you will continue to extend it to me during the next couple of months. One of the things I'm most excited about but is also taking the most time, is rebranding my entire packaging. Think luxury, think of the entire process of opening a Chanel box until the merchandise finally emerges. That's the mood board in my brain. I've searched near and far and sourced the finest products money can buy. Think Italian leather bound albums and Japanese linen covers. Think hand crafted walnut wood boxes to house your gift prints and gorgeous acrylic birth announcement cards to adorn your fireplace or dad's desk at work. Gone are the days of going to the mall and taking photos in front of a single background. Your investment with me is worth designer merchandise or even a small vacation and it should be packaged as such to reflect its timeless value, don't you agree?


Off to more "work" it's past midnight here but why do I feel so blessed?

Friday Lucy Drafts Bucket List...

While the LLP specializes in newborn photography, I, a creative woman with a camera, still totally have a bucket list of shoots in mind. I'll share them here so should YOU ever require such a service, get in touch won't you?

Lucy's bucket list of shoots she wishes to accomplish before she...well....kicks the bucket

1. my own newborn shoot
2. my own pet newborn shoot (c'mon mikeyyyyy, let me get a puppy *puppy eyes*)
3. an editorial couples shoot in the desert of Joshua Tree where a giant round balloon comes along too (completely inspired by a friend from NYC who's work is just breathtaking, Friday Lucy is in awe...)

photo credit: Forged in the North
4. a bourdoir session for a good friend (ahem. c'mon friends)
5. a secret proposal where the girl is ACTUALLY completely caught off-guard. Women are really good are finding out surprises man...
6. an underwater shoot, preferrably with a mermaid

Happy Friday everyone! And call me, if you just happen to have been looking for a photographer for one of the above <3


Since the initial draft of the above list, Mike has, in fact, agreed to #2. Lucy has been bouncing off walls all day and night. She has started ordering puppy things in droves. She has also picked out a name: Momofuku (means lucky peach in Japanese) (yes, I'm aware that it's also the name of one of David Chang's restaurants in the east village aka my old stomping ground) 

one guess at which breed.... hint: 

img from Pinterest

img from Pinterest

HouseOfWang Update - Weibo

Born the oldest of three, I grew up with an inflated and unwarranted sense of pride and prejudice (also the perfect movie to watch with your love interest, in my humble opinion) As I entered my teenage years as a particularly senseless youth, I rebelled against just about everything that came from my parents. If nothing else, maturing into my twenties has been a string of lessons on how very right they were and how very foolish I was. PSA to all my younger readers out there: “listen to your parents, stay in school” 

Today I will share about how deeply I regret not keeping up with the written Chinese language. (At least I speak it completely fluently, which is more than I can say for my darling husband) Apparently I’m still prideful… with a touch of defensiveness I might add... joy.

Why, one might ask, am I regretful? After all, I live in America where the official spoken and written language is English. I operate a business domestically; and as I mentioned, my husband if stripped of the English language, wouldn’t get past the communicative skills of a Chinese toddler. Well, inquisitive one, it’s because I’ve officially established a presence on Weibo, the Chinese twitter.


In an effort to market myself to the entire client base here in SGV in SoCal, I’ve inquired into setting up yet another social media account. Last Saturday morning, I set up a marketing meeting with a good friend and ex-coworker of mine in old town Pasadena and registered myself on Weibo. Even though we are just days apart in age, I felt entirely like I was a good few generations older than her, asking a myriad of questions and feeling utterly overwhelmed and inadequate to operate my own twitter. In truth, I am ill-equipped since the whole thing is completely in Chinese.

Here’s the most recent post I put up (an engagement shoot in Malibu), took me a good few minutes using every single brain cell and concentrating like my life depended on it. After just a few words I felt so very spent and so very regretful that I didn’t listen to my parents… I could’ve been a pro at this but instead, with each painstaking word, I am reminded that parents do know best… at least on the subject of keeping up with Chinese.

Shame on me for not listening... and see ya on Weibo!