5 things to do to ensure a stress-free picture day

  1. fully review my studio prep guide days before your session
  2. pack everything you need the night before. Trust me. 
  3. if you are bringing other siblings to the session AND they will be photographed with the baby AND are under the age of 7, read this RIGHT NOW
  4. map/waze directions to the studio the day before at the time you'd leave for the session to gauage traffic (we live in LA, let's not kid ourselves, driving 10 miles can take 2 hours) budget travel time accordingly 
  5. please be sure to bring your calendar as well as the schedule/calendar of all other financial decision makers to the shoot. We need to set up your in-person ordering consultation after the session so that you can see your images as soon as possible! 

Contact me for a copy of my full newborn session prep guide.

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