Community Over Competition

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of “befriending” in a very loose but altogether heartwarming sense of the word, a few fellow newborn photographers. One is close, so close as to be considered a local competitor, while a few are geographically much farther. All have a singularly impressive thing in common: they’ve provided help and guidance as well as much needed encouragement. 

Starting a small business is no easy task. No longer do I have the luxury of delegating any task or picking/choosing which project I’d like to involve myself. When you own a business, the work never stops. (blogpost on work/life balance post-public accounting coming soon) I’ve felt defeated and discouraged many times this year and have at times questioned if I’ve indeed made a wise decision to leave such a lucrative career. Words truly can’t describe how grateful I am for each of these women on this rocky journey this past year. 


Thank you all for the ways you’ve guided my thinking, inspired my heart, helped my business, critiqued my work, shared your secrets, and cheered me on. I am endlessly grateful for you, however new that friendship may be. I hope this year brings you each amazing blessings professionally and personally. I am excited to watch your businesses grow. A fan/friend always. Thank you. 

In case you're looking and happen to live in one of these awesome cities:

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