San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Tyler!

Oh baby are, and forever will, hold the most special place in my heart. Not just mine! Mike affectionally calls you by "dragon" baby. That dragon bonnet was made for you! The story is this, you see, I commissioned a line of Chinese themed props since so many of my clients are of Chinese descent. Then you walked in (ok you were carried in in your car seat) and totally modeled it to exactly how I had imagined it'd look. There was never a dragon like you again...

Thank you for being lovely, and cute, and sleepy, oh so sleepy! Thank you for being my "froggy" my dragon and my everything in between! 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you walk through life with dignity and kindness. May you always remember your roots and all those who loved and nurtured you. May roar a great big roar and swagger a great big swagger. May you take the world by storm!

Lucy (also a dragon, the ultimate dragon lady)

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