San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Maximilian

I make it a point to keep business cards on me always to hand out to expecting mamas when I see them. During a grocery run at the local Trader Joe's a few weeks back, I ran into Steph in the check-out lines. The initial introduction is always awkward. After all, you'd have to walk up to a complete stranger after having wagered with yourself on whether or not she's actually pregnant then very quickly make your intentions known. I've noticed that pregnant mamas are especially wary of approaching strangers and usually blurt out who I am what I want rather quickly. 

Long story short, a few weeks later, Steph, hubby, big sister, and baby Max came into the studio for Max's newborn session. Unfortunately Max was feeling a bit under the weather and could not sleep soundly the entire session. We hushed and soothed him yet every time he was repositioned, he would stir awake. Parents always comment on how unbelievable they find my patience and endurance in the heated studio but honestly, your little ones make it so so easy. 

As always, here's my wish for you little one:

May you grow up to fill such a big big name. May you lead an ever enriching life. May you find delight in the simple things and may grace and peace surround you even in your darkest days. May you adore your big sister and become the best of friends. Always remember that family is what truly matters and family will carry you through. 

With lots of cooing and love,


San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Alvin

I don't like to play favorites... but baby Alvin totally made it to the top. Baby Alvin came with a whole entourage, mom, papa, and nanny all showed up to this shoot but he was cool as can be. Cool means "completely knocked out" in baby photographer language. Only woke up for one meeting which nanny totally took over (I always try to spare mom from feeding but if the nanny comes, I gladly relinquish ha).

Mama ended up wanting 3 mini accordion albums as well and I couldn't be happier to send them off with Mom. After an entire summer of girls, baby Alvin broke my streak and, just between you and I, I'm jumping for joy. Can't wait to pull out my boy stuff and off to the LLP closet we go!


As always, here's my wish for you:



San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Preston!

Once in a while, you meet a mama. You don't just want to be her photographer, you don't just want her to book a session with you because you believe you will be a great fit, you want to be her friend. Alice was this mama. Alice brought Preston to the studio for a weekday shoot. These shoots without Mike really always iterate the importance of having an assistant. For nothing else, sessions go by so much faster with his help...

Baby Preston was perfect and as gentlemanly as his moniker. He pretty much cooperated with my every request. I was most tickled by the Princess Bride set up. It had just been added to the LLP closet and baby Preston wore it perfectly. 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you find that love most live their whole lives without. May you fight for it and defend it with all that you are. Whether that love ends up being for a person, a career, or a dream. May it fill your days with value and purpose. May you always be the good guy, one with integrity and kindness. May all your dreams come true. 


your mama's new friend Lucy

San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Ace!

I don't like to play favorites, I really don't. I say that quite a lot because I have so many but truly, it's not on purpose. Ace was easily a favorite. Newborn photographers, across the land, pray for shoots like this and once in awhile, the baby Gods smile down upon me. 

Mama requested for a neutral shoot and I did deliver! But baby was so sleepy that we had some time to kill you see? So I had a little bit of fun and mama totally ended up purchasing those not-so-neutral photos as well! hahahahhaha oh boy am I quite pleased with myself. 

Oh, and how gorgeous is his mama?


As always, this is my wish for you:

May you embrace life with a crazy exuberance that others deem unwise. May you have fun no matter what you do and what life throws your way. May you always choose to do what is right instead of what is easy or convenient. May you change the world in your own way. 

Cheers little guy,


San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Max!

When I think of Max, I think of a perfect looking baby. My clients all have gorgeous kids (it's my lot in life to be surrounded with cutie-pies) but Max really takes the cake. On top of that, he was also the perfect model, settled right away, fed only at the end, and barely made a peep his entire shoot. Mom again was trusting in allowing me to style the shoot completely and I decided to go earthy and organic and use browns and warmer richer colors for him. 

Honestly though, is he not perfect?


As always, here is my blessing for you baby Max,

May you laugh at the days to come and may you never be without help when you need it. May you protect those you love with a ferocious passion and may you cultivate a determined spirit. May your outlook always remain optimistic and may your heart be filled with hope. May you feel peace, even in your darkest hours and cling unswervingly to a faith that can move mountains. 


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San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - Fresh48 with the Quintanillas

Max you're here! Max Q here is born to the Teen Ministry Leaders at the local church we attend and is born to a large crowd of adoring fans already. I, being their photographer, had the chance to meet him first of course. HA! Take that all you teens. Ah...good going Lucy, decades older and not a day more mature.

Max is as perfect as can be and I can't wait to see them shortly after for his newborn session. What is it with brand new babies and their incredible smell though? Makes being a professional next to impossible since the entire 30 minutes of shooting I was fighting off the urge to throw my camera aside as a distraction and run off with him into the sunset. See you soon little one!


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San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Tyler!

Oh baby are, and forever will, hold the most special place in my heart. Not just mine! Mike affectionally calls you by "dragon" baby. That dragon bonnet was made for you! The story is this, you see, I commissioned a line of Chinese themed props since so many of my clients are of Chinese descent. Then you walked in (ok you were carried in in your car seat) and totally modeled it to exactly how I had imagined it'd look. There was never a dragon like you again...

Thank you for being lovely, and cute, and sleepy, oh so sleepy! Thank you for being my "froggy" my dragon and my everything in between! 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you walk through life with dignity and kindness. May you always remember your roots and all those who loved and nurtured you. May roar a great big roar and swagger a great big swagger. May you take the world by storm!

Lucy (also a dragon, the ultimate dragon lady)

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San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Memphis!

The dreamiest, sleepiest, cuddliest little man came in the studio today. Memphis was just a week old and slept the entire session. He did pee ALL over my couch when we changed him but that’s what happens when you don’t include a changing station in the studio (it is now set up believe you me). I couldn’t believe how quickly he settled while mom/dad, and siblings waited patiently outside (thank goodness for Netflix).

Mom was a huge Harry Potter fan and her little one could not be a more perfect baby “Harry”.


As always, here is my blessing for you baby Memphis, 

May you grow up with a great sense of adventure. May you face each day with an unwavering desire to make each day better than the one before. May you be quick to forgive those who hurt you and be extended endless grace in return. May all your days be filled with a deep love.

xo, Lucy

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