San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Max!

When I think of Max, I think of a perfect looking baby. My clients all have gorgeous kids (it's my lot in life to be surrounded with cutie-pies) but Max really takes the cake. On top of that, he was also the perfect model, settled right away, fed only at the end, and barely made a peep his entire shoot. Mom again was trusting in allowing me to style the shoot completely and I decided to go earthy and organic and use browns and warmer richer colors for him. 

Honestly though, is he not perfect?


As always, here is my blessing for you baby Max,

May you laugh at the days to come and may you never be without help when you need it. May you protect those you love with a ferocious passion and may you cultivate a determined spirit. May your outlook always remain optimistic and may your heart be filled with hope. May you feel peace, even in your darkest hours and cling unswervingly to a faith that can move mountains. 


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