San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Olivia!

I love the name Oliva...and I loved baby Olivia. Baby Olivia slept like a champ and was so good to Mike. Mike doesn't assist on all shoots but when he does, I pray that the babies are "nice". Even more exciting, Olivia let us VERY safely and via composite images, create the baby hanging portrait! Said portrait is now proudly adorning the wall of The Cradle Family. Now we talk about Olivia's mama...

Elizabeth is one of the completely effortlessly stunning women who completely came unprepared to the shoot (no makeup, casual clothing) But of course, I asked her to jump in for a few shots with her little because it would've been a shame to not capture this mother and her mini-me. 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you grow up to be just like your mama, beautiful, kind, devoted, down to earth, and wonderfully engaging. May you look at the world with patience and wonder, forgiving those who trespass against you and not sweating the small stuff. Laugh at the all the days to come.


Our studio will only take on 7 newborns a month due to the curated time spent with each mama/newborn family.  Book yours today to reserve a spot on our calendar.