San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Eva!

Baby Eva's mama found me through a mutual friend. Baby Eva was already special. I love styling shoots that allows me to play with some color and did we? I don't tend to use colorful backdrops but Eva owned it like the queen that she already was. Just weeks old and already very opinionated, she totally gave Mike and I a run for our money. Mama did request for the crowd favorite flower halo so of course I knew that I'd contrast the soft pinks with a pale pastel mint. 

My very very favorite thing from the shoot? Eva's baby rolls! That's the main reason I love and attempt the bum-up pose is to get those gorgeous baby rolls. Not that I welcome it in my own life and on my own late 20's body but on a baby? It's just delicious. 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you be strong in the face of opposition but soft to new ideas and experiences. May you work hard at achieving your dreams and celebrate even harder when you achieve them. May you keep  good company and listen to their advice. May you be protected on every adventure. May you know a love so deep that it hurts. May you love even more deeply all the days of your life. 



San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Naya!

Baby Snow White graced the LLP Studio today. My, that head of jet black hair and beautiful baby skin immediately reminded me of one of the most iconic Disney princesses of all time. But since I didn't have a Snow White lovey, I made do with a mermaid (ha!)

Mom was totally game for stepping slightly outside the usual pale pink girly box so we decided to go mint for this baby girl and boy am I glad we did. Naya was completely knocked out and when we get a little this sleepy, we love posing in the chin-up since we can get all those tiny little fingers completely open and stacked beneath the chin. Oh we swoon...


As always, this is my wish for you,

May you stay as sweet and beautiful as Snow White. May your heart remain pure and spirit cheerful. May you discover a great love in this life, one to completely change your entire world. May your friends (all 7 of them) pledge their loyalty always. You're so loved!


Fresh48 (?)

If I were completely honest, Fresh48 sessions are my very favorite type of session to shoot. In case you’ve never heard of this type of newborn session, here is some basic info (getting right to the point for once, I've heard your feedback ahem):

When: hours or days after birth! Just as long as you're still in the hospital/birthing center

Where: in the place of birth, BEFORE you go home; unless it was a home birth, of course

How: sometime after the baby is born and before you are discharged, your Photographer (me hopefully!) comes to photograph the lifestyle hospital session

Who: your baby! And immediate family. Due to the nature of the shoot, extended family and friends are asked to schedule visitations outside the hours of the shoot

Length: short and sweet to accommodate mom and baby’s rest, roughly 30-45 minutes

Fee: head on over to my investment page to see details

That’s the short of it! Here’s some other info you might find enlightening. The Fresh48 is such an up and coming session in the newborn photography industry. While these sessions are still relatively unknown to expecting moms, that makes these precious photos all the more compelling and memorable for you and your family. If becoming a parent is a crazy blur, the first couple of days is probably the most blurry of all! This is especially true for first-time moms. While you certainly can pack a camera/camcorder/smart phone on you, it is so assuring to know that even if you never took a photo, this monumental event in your life will be beautifully and artistically documented. Another thing is, you will ALL be in the photos without needing to take a selfie or ask your nurse.


Consider booking a Fresh48 and check that off your list of to-dos. Pregnant and thinking of booking a Fresh48 session with me?  

-contact me to book your session today!

-check out this blog posts on 5 tips to prepare for your hospital newborn session

-check out these recent Fresh48 galleries: Baby Cyan, Baby MaxBaby Zoe


San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Cyan!

This little bitty peanut came to see us at the studio. Mike was there to spot and assist since baby Cyan was so very little. She was barely over 5 lbs but was an absolute dream to photograph. Mike assists on shoots with multiples or slightly smaller newborns as certain poses would require more spotting than my 7 pounders. Safety, always, is the number priority here at LLP and after years of practice, Mike has become my most trusted second pair of hands. 

Mom and dad completely trusted me to style the shoot and I knew I was going to go organic/girly. In my mind, I wanted to pair her with soft and plush looking accents and decided to go with green for my accent color. Green doesn't work on every baby due to the variation in newborn skin color (jaundice being a huge one I edit for in post processing) but it looked gorgeous on her. 


As always, here's my blessing for you baby Cyan,
You are small but mighty. May you grow up big and strong. May laughter never be far from your lips and travel through life with an amazing sense of humor and grace. You are so loved already by your mom/dad/big sister. I wish you the most amazing journey ahead.

Check out Cyan's lovely Fresh48 shoot!

spring pea bonnet by The Wooly Possum
pink gemstone halo by My Darling Emma
green wreath halo by Created by Carli

San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - Fresh48 with the Mars

Oh happy day! When one goes to visit a brand new little peanut who was born on the exact date of your husband's birth, one feels particularly excited about the shoot. Baby Zoe looks JUST like her papa, it was almost comical. And of course, dad's beyond taken with his new little princess. It was such a delight capturing baby Zoe in all her newness and even a bigger delight to watch first time parents interact with their newborns before they've gotten that practiced confidence. Another reason Fresh48's are a favorite session of mine. 


Skip to baby Zoe's newborn session

Are you currently expecting and looking for a newborn photographer? Let me know, I can't wait to meet you!

San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - Fresh48 with the Lees

I was just slightly more nervous photographing this hospital lifestyle session since dad takes pretty awesome photos himself. Lifestyle sessions are all about capturing candid moments and interactions. Fresh48 sessions, especially aim to capture those first few interactions you have with your brand new baby. Dad totally brought his camera too and was clicking away during the session. So of course, we had to get a photo with baby Cyan with dad's trusty side-kick. You are so loved little one and an absolute natural in front of the camera ;)


Peak forward at baby Cyan's newborn session.

Are you expecting and looking for a newborn photographer? Consider booking the Fresh48 session as an add-on and save on your session fee

San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Avery!

Baby one of those perfect looking babies, you know what I mean? She has a full head of dark hair and the most beautiful caramel skin tone. Everything, I mean, everything, looked good on her. But here's more, Avery was the most beautifully deep snoozer I've photographed this year. She just slept and slept and slept through the bum-up pose, the side lying, the chin-up, the taco, and on and on. Avery then slept through posing with her two big sisters who came in matching shirts! Oh Avery, you have my whole heart!


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you be the most loving, thoughtful, generous, and cheery little sister. May your older siblings praise you and celebrate you all the days of your life. May you grow up into a beautiful woman that I already see. May your inner beauty outshine that which passes with time.



Are you expecting and looking for a newborn photographer?  Email me today!

San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Olivia!

I love the name Oliva...and I loved baby Olivia. Baby Olivia slept like a champ and was so good to Mike. Mike doesn't assist on all shoots but when he does, I pray that the babies are "nice". Even more exciting, Olivia let us VERY safely and via composite images, create the baby hanging portrait! Said portrait is now proudly adorning the wall of The Cradle Family. Now we talk about Olivia's mama...

Elizabeth is one of the completely effortlessly stunning women who completely came unprepared to the shoot (no makeup, casual clothing) But of course, I asked her to jump in for a few shots with her little because it would've been a shame to not capture this mother and her mini-me. 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you grow up to be just like your mama, beautiful, kind, devoted, down to earth, and wonderfully engaging. May you look at the world with patience and wonder, forgiving those who trespass against you and not sweating the small stuff. Laugh at the all the days to come.


Our studio will only take on 7 newborns a month due to the curated time spent with each mama/newborn family.  Book yours today to reserve a spot on our calendar.

San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Reina

Baby Reina was a last minute appointment, at 17 days earthside, we totally lucked out in being able to fit her in one of the busier months of the year. It's so important that moms consider and book their newborn photographers way in advance. Babies never play nice with schedules/timelines/readiness of all the adults around them, thus just days old, she had us all wrapped around her little finger. 

After 14 days, sessions can get really tough and baby R was certainly not an exception and boy did she make us work. Babies usually tend to prefer certain poses over others and Reina definitely preferred to be on her stomach. She's also the first little to wear the now oh-so-popular flower halo that just about every mama requests for baby girl shoots. We can't be happier that you were our inaugural. 


As always, here's my wish for you,

May you never quiet your curiosity and follow that to the far reaches of the earth. May you desire to know a world that is not your own and embrace those most different from you. May you be intrigued instead of fearful of the new and explore the world to the full. 

We loved having you in the studio little one! 


Did you know the best time to book a newborn session is in your 2nd trimester to ensure a booking on our calendars?  Book yours today!