San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Cyan!

This little bitty peanut came to see us at the studio. Mike was there to spot and assist since baby Cyan was so very little. She was barely over 5 lbs but was an absolute dream to photograph. Mike assists on shoots with multiples or slightly smaller newborns as certain poses would require more spotting than my 7 pounders. Safety, always, is the number priority here at LLP and after years of practice, Mike has become my most trusted second pair of hands. 

Mom and dad completely trusted me to style the shoot and I knew I was going to go organic/girly. In my mind, I wanted to pair her with soft and plush looking accents and decided to go with green for my accent color. Green doesn't work on every baby due to the variation in newborn skin color (jaundice being a huge one I edit for in post processing) but it looked gorgeous on her. 


As always, here's my blessing for you baby Cyan,
You are small but mighty. May you grow up big and strong. May laughter never be far from your lips and travel through life with an amazing sense of humor and grace. You are so loved already by your mom/dad/big sister. I wish you the most amazing journey ahead.

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spring pea bonnet by The Wooly Possum
pink gemstone halo by My Darling Emma
green wreath halo by Created by Carli