San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Zoe!

We helped named baby Zoe. Joan and Dave are actually super good friends of ours. The funny story goes like this:

A year into our marriage, we decided to start a little young married couples group. I had one goal in mind, we'd get to take time out of our crazy schedules to see our friends, eat together on the first of every month and share stories and marriage best practices. Joan and Dave along with another couple became one thing we looked forward to each month. The rules were simple, no kids allowed. 

About a few months into our little experiment, they announced their pregnancy.

So imagine my shock when their baby girl, who eternally stole them away from our dinner party, came to this world on my husband's birthday. Needless to say, all is forgiven (but clearly not forgotten). Photographing Zoe was surreal, after all she turned our friends into parents! It was just yesterday I was at their wedding yet here she was, in my arms, in front of my camera. 

Strawberry bonnet by The Felted Attic Prop Shop, Backdrop by The House of Wang Fabrics
Snow pea bonnet by The Wooly Possum  Carrot by Riley's Mom Makes Props

As always, here is my blessing for you baby Zoe,

May you be as gentle and as sweet as the spring showers and as quirky and fun as your name. May good friends find you all the days of your life. May you never be without comfort and help when times get hard. You are so beautiful and may beautiful things surround you always. 

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