San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome HRH's Bao & Xiao

Today’s a big day for me. My clients are royalties. Back in college, I started to follow a YouTube personality, HRH Collection. Never in a million years did I think that I would one day become Alex’s petite assistant. A million and 1 years later, I am a proud member of our little HRH Collection family and was recently retained to photograph the famously famous dynamic duo, Bao and Xiao.


Sunday afternoon, we rushed over to Alex’s gorgeous beachside apartment and quickly set up for the shoot. We picked to shoot in her living room as it let in the most natural light, proceeded to capture, quite comically, the two bunnies. We repeatedly chased after them as they tried desperately to escape the lens and eventually relented out of exhaustion (I think). Altogether the shoot took no more than 30 minutes and my inner fan girl danced a celebratory boogie. Currently waiting for Alex to pick a photo for a large print and can’t wait to see my work hung up.
Can’t believe I photographed Alex’s little angels. I’ve pretty much made it, just say’n. Also say’n I might consider pet photography….

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