How to dress for your studio newborn portrait session

This, is a potentially touchy subject to cover because it is just so darn subjective. This is also one of the most commonly asked question by clients who want to join their baby in their newborn session and pose with their little one. I love posing parents with their brand new baby, mostly because it's one of the most comical experiences in my studio. Dads, especially, always crack me up due to their complete lack of confidence in their ability to smile and not drop the baby.... 

You see... dressing for your newborn portrait session is especially tricky because your co-model is a brand new baby, days old, and totally pooing around the clock. 

So first and foremost, bring CHANGES of clothes. Photoshop only goes so far and is no match for explosive episodes of you know what. Be mindful to pack clothes that are easy to get into and out of (avoid back zippers/buttons, or shirts that need to be taken off/put on with the help of someone. That helper most likely won't be available to help dress you day of...

Secondly, wear neutral colors! Trust me or not, from behind the camera, the more neutral the outfit, the better it all comes together in your final image. I'd highly recommend avoiding patterns like plaid, polka-dots, or large/loud prints. Some of my clients are complete fashionistas and I trust their outfit choices completely. In case you are less confident in your closet, come in neutral colors like cream/off-whites/tans/greys etc. 

Lastly, they see a picture is worth a thousand words and as much as I can list on my tips and suggestions but isn't it always better to show you? Click here to see an outfit inspiration board I put together on Pinterest! 


In the end though, it really doesn't matter what you's how you wear it. In the end, it's not about your Sunday bests and Pre-Labor Day whites, it's about capturing the tender love that you feel toward your brand new baby. Trust me, that love will come through. 


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