Must bring items to your studio newborn shoot

If you're like me, packing for anything proves a more daunting task than warranted. I always, always feel like I've forgotten something. I can't tell you how many times, we've left the house and came back, just because I felt like I forgot something. In reality, I never do... the list-maker in me doesn't allow for anything to be left behind, but there is always an incessant nagging that follows. Getting a newborn out the door when the baby might be fussing and you are definitely sleep deprived can result in a frazzled car ride. The last thing you want to do is wonder if you've forgotten anything, worse yet, have to turn around because you did forget something. 

I've come up with a simple packing list that you can check the morning of. This is by no means comprehensive! I send all my clients a prep guide that highlights all that you might want to consider bringing with you to the shoot, but this short and sweet list will guarantee that you have everything you need!

  1. baby
  2. diaper bag (diapers, wipes)
  3. change of clothes for baby and everyone who will be photographed
  4. my studio address
  5. phone
  6. wallet (driver's license)
  7. food in whatever form if you are not breastfeeding

That's it! Make sure to have the above 7 things and you will have everything you need for your newborn session. Take a photo of the list on your phone and check it the morning of as you're headed out the door! Anddddd you're welcome :)


Found this helpful but curious to see my studio prep guide? Email me for a complimentary copy of my comprehensive studio newborn session prep guide!