How to dress for your studio newborn portrait session

This, is a potentially touchy subject to cover because it is just so darn subjective. This is also one of the most commonly asked question by clients who want to join their baby in their newborn session and pose with their little one. I love posing parents with their brand new baby, mostly because it's one of the most comical experiences in my studio. Dads, especially, always crack me up due to their complete lack of confidence in their ability to smile and not drop the baby.... 

You see... dressing for your newborn portrait session is especially tricky because your co-model is a brand new baby, days old, and totally pooing around the clock. 

So first and foremost, bring CHANGES of clothes. Photoshop only goes so far and is no match for explosive episodes of you know what. Be mindful to pack clothes that are easy to get into and out of (avoid back zippers/buttons, or shirts that need to be taken off/put on with the help of someone. That helper most likely won't be available to help dress you day of...

Secondly, wear neutral colors! Trust me or not, from behind the camera, the more neutral the outfit, the better it all comes together in your final image. I'd highly recommend avoiding patterns like plaid, polka-dots, or large/loud prints. Some of my clients are complete fashionistas and I trust their outfit choices completely. In case you are less confident in your closet, come in neutral colors like cream/off-whites/tans/greys etc. 

Lastly, they see a picture is worth a thousand words and as much as I can list on my tips and suggestions but isn't it always better to show you? Click here to see an outfit inspiration board I put together on Pinterest! 


In the end though, it really doesn't matter what you's how you wear it. In the end, it's not about your Sunday bests and Pre-Labor Day whites, it's about capturing the tender love that you feel toward your brand new baby. Trust me, that love will come through. 


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Must bring items to your studio newborn shoot

If you're like me, packing for anything proves a more daunting task than warranted. I always, always feel like I've forgotten something. I can't tell you how many times, we've left the house and came back, just because I felt like I forgot something. In reality, I never do... the list-maker in me doesn't allow for anything to be left behind, but there is always an incessant nagging that follows. Getting a newborn out the door when the baby might be fussing and you are definitely sleep deprived can result in a frazzled car ride. The last thing you want to do is wonder if you've forgotten anything, worse yet, have to turn around because you did forget something. 

I've come up with a simple packing list that you can check the morning of. This is by no means comprehensive! I send all my clients a prep guide that highlights all that you might want to consider bringing with you to the shoot, but this short and sweet list will guarantee that you have everything you need!

  1. baby
  2. diaper bag (diapers, wipes)
  3. change of clothes for baby and everyone who will be photographed
  4. my studio address
  5. phone
  6. wallet (driver's license)
  7. food in whatever form if you are not breastfeeding

That's it! Make sure to have the above 7 things and you will have everything you need for your newborn session. Take a photo of the list on your phone and check it the morning of as you're headed out the door! Anddddd you're welcome :)


Found this helpful but curious to see my studio prep guide? Email me for a complimentary copy of my comprehensive studio newborn session prep guide!

The Secret is Out: My Lovely Prop Vendors

Every once in awhile, not often, but every now and then, clients ask me if I make the props I display and use in session. I always, incredulously, answer, that I most definitely do not. They are purchased from a very special group of vendors. What my clients don't know is the lengths I've gone through to secure some of the props I have in the studio.

I have done the following including but not limited to:

  • setting multiple alarms on my phone for shop updates
  • googling the timezone that a particular vendor is located in and schedule my whole day so that I'm plopped by the computer when the shop "opens" virtually
  • begged and negotiated with vendors to make me items that were OOAK (one of a kind) and sold to another photographer. 
  • placed a single order with a vendor totaling over $500. I really hope Mike doesn't read this...
  • set up actual phone calls to talk about specifics of custom ordered loveys and bonnets to make sure that my crazy idea translates to an item that will actually look good and is feasible to make with vendors
  • raced down the 10 freeway to get to my computer on time for a shop opening (for which an alarm was set but sometimes your errands run long and then you run some red lights, no biggie)
  • other stuff I'm too embarrassed to share online but I think the above 6 items give you a good idea of how I've come to procure the props and accessories that I provide in my studio for your newborn shoot

I've listed some of my favorite vendors below who deserve my gratitude on behalf of my clients. I wish I could tell each of you the countless times someone's commented on your craftsmanship, attention to detail, talents, materials, and creative design. I'm always so proud, even though I didn't make it. I'm proud because of the lengths I've gone through to acquire them and how I've supported businesses which are so very excellent. 

I'm nothing without you. Your work totally makes every photo here at Lucy Liora Photography. Thank you!

1.    The Wooly Possum
2.    Riley’s Mom Makes Hats
3.    Prop Me Up Propshop
4.    The Felted Attic Prop-Shop
5.    Lelas Propshop

Happy shopping!!

5 things to do to ensure a stress-free picture day

  1. fully review my studio prep guide days before your session
  2. pack everything you need the night before. Trust me. 
  3. if you are bringing other siblings to the session AND they will be photographed with the baby AND are under the age of 7, read this RIGHT NOW
  4. map/waze directions to the studio the day before at the time you'd leave for the session to gauage traffic (we live in LA, let's not kid ourselves, driving 10 miles can take 2 hours) budget travel time accordingly 
  5. please be sure to bring your calendar as well as the schedule/calendar of all other financial decision makers to the shoot. We need to set up your in-person ordering consultation after the session so that you can see your images as soon as possible! 

Contact me for a copy of my full newborn session prep guide.

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San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Ace!

I don't like to play favorites, I really don't. I say that quite a lot because I have so many but truly, it's not on purpose. Ace was easily a favorite. Newborn photographers, across the land, pray for shoots like this and once in awhile, the baby Gods smile down upon me. 

Mama requested for a neutral shoot and I did deliver! But baby was so sleepy that we had some time to kill you see? So I had a little bit of fun and mama totally ended up purchasing those not-so-neutral photos as well! hahahahhaha oh boy am I quite pleased with myself. 

Oh, and how gorgeous is his mama?


As always, this is my wish for you:

May you embrace life with a crazy exuberance that others deem unwise. May you have fun no matter what you do and what life throws your way. May you always choose to do what is right instead of what is easy or convenient. May you change the world in your own way. 

Cheers little guy,


San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Eva!

Baby Eva's mama found me through a mutual friend. Baby Eva was already special. I love styling shoots that allows me to play with some color and did we? I don't tend to use colorful backdrops but Eva owned it like the queen that she already was. Just weeks old and already very opinionated, she totally gave Mike and I a run for our money. Mama did request for the crowd favorite flower halo so of course I knew that I'd contrast the soft pinks with a pale pastel mint. 

My very very favorite thing from the shoot? Eva's baby rolls! That's the main reason I love and attempt the bum-up pose is to get those gorgeous baby rolls. Not that I welcome it in my own life and on my own late 20's body but on a baby? It's just delicious. 


As always, here's my wish for you:

May you be strong in the face of opposition but soft to new ideas and experiences. May you work hard at achieving your dreams and celebrate even harder when you achieve them. May you keep  good company and listen to their advice. May you be protected on every adventure. May you know a love so deep that it hurts. May you love even more deeply all the days of your life. 



San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Naya!

Baby Snow White graced the LLP Studio today. My, that head of jet black hair and beautiful baby skin immediately reminded me of one of the most iconic Disney princesses of all time. But since I didn't have a Snow White lovey, I made do with a mermaid (ha!)

Mom was totally game for stepping slightly outside the usual pale pink girly box so we decided to go mint for this baby girl and boy am I glad we did. Naya was completely knocked out and when we get a little this sleepy, we love posing in the chin-up since we can get all those tiny little fingers completely open and stacked beneath the chin. Oh we swoon...


As always, this is my wish for you,

May you stay as sweet and beautiful as Snow White. May your heart remain pure and spirit cheerful. May you discover a great love in this life, one to completely change your entire world. May your friends (all 7 of them) pledge their loyalty always. You're so loved!


Fresh48 (?)

If I were completely honest, Fresh48 sessions are my very favorite type of session to shoot. In case you’ve never heard of this type of newborn session, here is some basic info (getting right to the point for once, I've heard your feedback ahem):

When: hours or days after birth! Just as long as you're still in the hospital/birthing center

Where: in the place of birth, BEFORE you go home; unless it was a home birth, of course

How: sometime after the baby is born and before you are discharged, your Photographer (me hopefully!) comes to photograph the lifestyle hospital session

Who: your baby! And immediate family. Due to the nature of the shoot, extended family and friends are asked to schedule visitations outside the hours of the shoot

Length: short and sweet to accommodate mom and baby’s rest, roughly 30-45 minutes

Fee: head on over to my investment page to see details

That’s the short of it! Here’s some other info you might find enlightening. The Fresh48 is such an up and coming session in the newborn photography industry. While these sessions are still relatively unknown to expecting moms, that makes these precious photos all the more compelling and memorable for you and your family. If becoming a parent is a crazy blur, the first couple of days is probably the most blurry of all! This is especially true for first-time moms. While you certainly can pack a camera/camcorder/smart phone on you, it is so assuring to know that even if you never took a photo, this monumental event in your life will be beautifully and artistically documented. Another thing is, you will ALL be in the photos without needing to take a selfie or ask your nurse.


Consider booking a Fresh48 and check that off your list of to-dos. Pregnant and thinking of booking a Fresh48 session with me?  

-contact me to book your session today!

-check out this blog posts on 5 tips to prepare for your hospital newborn session

-check out these recent Fresh48 galleries: Baby Cyan, Baby MaxBaby Zoe


San Gabriel Valley Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Cyan!

This little bitty peanut came to see us at the studio. Mike was there to spot and assist since baby Cyan was so very little. She was barely over 5 lbs but was an absolute dream to photograph. Mike assists on shoots with multiples or slightly smaller newborns as certain poses would require more spotting than my 7 pounders. Safety, always, is the number priority here at LLP and after years of practice, Mike has become my most trusted second pair of hands. 

Mom and dad completely trusted me to style the shoot and I knew I was going to go organic/girly. In my mind, I wanted to pair her with soft and plush looking accents and decided to go with green for my accent color. Green doesn't work on every baby due to the variation in newborn skin color (jaundice being a huge one I edit for in post processing) but it looked gorgeous on her. 


As always, here's my blessing for you baby Cyan,
You are small but mighty. May you grow up big and strong. May laughter never be far from your lips and travel through life with an amazing sense of humor and grace. You are so loved already by your mom/dad/big sister. I wish you the most amazing journey ahead.

Check out Cyan's lovely Fresh48 shoot!

spring pea bonnet by The Wooly Possum
pink gemstone halo by My Darling Emma
green wreath halo by Created by Carli